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Helping The W2 Worker Invest In Real Estate With Jay Helms

P2P 101 | Building Relationships

  What does it take to build better investments in real estate? Jay Helms says that building relationships goes a long way. With 300 properties to his name across four states, Jay emphasizes that finding the right people to trust is key. He is the CEO of The W2 Capitalist,…
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Show 88 Buying Vs Renting

  Show 88 With William Morales : Buying Vs. Renting. Have you thought about your situation when it comes to housing? do you prefer to buy a home in the future? Or perhaps rent for now? That’s a dilemma whether you are young or older, do you want to rent…
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Show 87 With Zach Beach Creative Real Estate Investing

  Show 87 With Zach Beach: Buying And Selling Real Estate Without Banks Summary About Zach Zach has been around the real estate business for over 7 years, coaching and mentoring in a numerous ways throughout the real estate world. Zach graduated from Shrewsbury High School in 2008 and enrolled…
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Show 86 Blockchain 101 With Monica Proffitt

Show 86 With Monica Proffitt: How Blockchain is disrupting Real Estate Summary About Monika International speaker, author of the book Blockchain 101, and serial entrepreneur with track record of successful exits, currently engaged with the nexus of blockchain, real estate and social impact. Monika Proffitt is a speaker, author, and serial…
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From Breaking The Law To Successful House Flipper

P2P 98 | House Flipping Success

  Everybody can show interest in doing real estate and house flipping, but it takes real dedication and going out of your way to actually do it. For Michael Green of The Flip Factor, having a mentor was crucial to his current success. Starting out as a flooring installer, Michael’s…
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