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Show 85 Opportunity Zones With Bryan Crane

Show 85 With Bryan Crane: Subtitle What are Opportunity Zones? Summary On Today’s Show Bryan explains what Opportunity Zones are and how they can benefit communities. About Bryan Bryan’s role is a combination of strategic planning and sharp execution to build future valuation. This incorporates the strategic development of our corporate…
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Show 84 Money Solutions for Investors With Ryan Wright

Show 84 With Ryan Wright: Subtitle Hard Money for investors Summary About Ryan Wright For Peer 2 Peer Real Estate Listeners Get your free gift Courtesy of Ryan “How to Get More Money Than You Can Ever Handle!” Do Hard Money is well-known for providing 100% hard money financing to those…
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Show 83 Can’t Visit Properties? Get Help.

Show 83 With William Morales: Subtitle Having boots on the ground Summary Today’s show is about finding boots on the ground I know you might be thinking, like I do, who has time to look for properties? I have a full time job, family, etc and I don’t have the time….
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The Future Of Blockchain with John Dean Markunas

P2P 90 | The Future Of Blockchain

  The future of blockchain greatly depends on the people who fully understand its capacity. Blockchain advisor John Dean Markunas shares his knowledge about blockchain and shows us how it can evolve in the future and how people can greatly benefit from it. John is the Principal Consultant with Power…
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Peer 2 Peer Real Estate Show 82 Gene Panasenko: Providing Value To Clients

Blockchain And Opportunity Zones, Transforming Real Estate Event: Moderated By David Whiting and William Morales